Sunday, 16 February 2014


I guess I better write something about me and how One Black Pony came about, I really do hate talking about myself but if I am writing a blog I better get use to it I guess. If you don't know already my name is Amy I am in my early 20s ( sounds like a dating ad so far ekkk)

I am a Jewellery Designer for an amazing Company here in Wellington New Zealand.

My passion is Jewellery always has been since I was little. It has also been a wee dream of mine to start my own jewellery line and so that's how the name One Black Pony came about.

You could say my design style is quite edgy, I like drawing inspiration from mixing the old with the new, lady-like Victorian meets indie rock I guess you could say.

So that's it, a tiny bit about me, cant' wait to share with you my first collection ( which by the way is currently in the making yay!!! ) I hope to post the progress as I go.

Join me on this crazy ride.



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